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  • Baikal Mirror Wardrobe with Corner Shelf | Beech

    Featuring functional corner shelf with four shelves, this Baikal Mirror Sliding Doors Wardrobe with Corner Shelf in...

    $1024.86 $1138.73

    10% OFF
  • Universal Wardrobe | Honey Pine

    The Capacious Universal Wardrobe in light color will be the best place for your clothes. It creates sensation of co...


  • Las Vegas 2-Door Narrow Wardrobe

    High and compact two-door cabinet, Las Vegas looks expensive and solid. The spacious storage space is designed that...


  • Baikal Solid Sliding Doors Wide Wardrobe with Corner Shelf | Cherry

    Stylish Baikal Solid Sliding Doors Wide Wardrobe with Corner Shelf in Cherry - Ace Decore features spacious shelves...

    $859.56 $955.07

    10% OFF
  • Aida 4-Door Wardrobe in Black / Silver

    Along with the sophisticated design and contrasting combination of black and silver, the Aida 4-Door Wardrobe offer...


  • Boston Corner Wardrobe | Alder

    This wardrobe is spacious and ergonomic corner cabinet, combining original design and high functionality. This corn...

    $528.96 $587.73

    10% OFF
  • Universal Wardrobe |Java

    The Universal Wardrobe will fashion your bedroom and is convenient in use. There is 1 capacious drawer. Locking Mec...


  • Georgia 4-Door Wardrobe | Alder

    The wardrobe is made from modern materials which offer durability and high quality. There are enough compartments a...

    $683.24 $759.16

    10% OFF
  • Grand Wardrobe | Java

    The Grand Wardrobe is a perfect example constructed with traditional design and high quality workmanship. It is c...


  • Impero 4 Door Wardrobe

    The wardrobe brings organization possibilities and stunning style to your home.

    $3318.35 $3568.12

    7% OFF
  • Sarah 4 Door Wardrobe

    With contemporary appeal, this wardrobe brings modern elegance to any room.

    $2744.50 $2951.08

    7% OFF
  • Georgia 2-Door Wardrobe | Alder

    This unit is a compact and multipurpose wardrobe, with a large compartment and a bar to hang clothes. Wardrobe is a...


  • Boston Narrow Wardrobe | Alder

    With restrained and elegant look, this high Boston Narrow Wardrobe in Alder will surely decorate your room. Deep sh...


  • Baikal Solid Sliding Doors Wardrobe | Cherry

    Two-door wardrobe, stylish Baikal Solid Sliding Doors Wardrobe in Cherry - Ace Decore features seven spacious shelv...

    $661.20 $734.67

    10% OFF
  • Alice Wardrobe | Oak Ferrara

    Ideal for both spacious and compact hallways / bedrooms is about ergonomic Alice Wardrobe in Oak Ferrara. Behind th...


  • Rossetto USA Diamond Sliding Door Wardrobe | Ivory

    Striking in size and design, our most attractive storage piece, the Diamond Wardrobe, is here to bring you function...


  • Boston Corner Wardrobe | Chestnut

    Spacious and ergonomic corner cabinet, Boston Corner Wardrobe in Chestnut - Ace Decore combines original design and...

    $528.96 $587.73

    10% OFF
  • Aida 4-Door Wardrobe | Silver/White

    Excellent addition of your bedroom interior is skillfully crafted from solid wood products to guarantee long lastin...


  • Baikal Mirror Sliding Doors Wardrobe | Cherry

    Designed for multiple use, the wardrobe features spacious shelves and rail to hang your jackets, blouses and trouse...

    $881.60 $979.56

    10% OFF
  • Marbella 2-Door Wardrobe

    Fashionable storage item boasts the ultra modern black finish and sophisticated style. Two doors opens a great stor...


  • 2-Slide Wardrobe | Java

    Deep and saturated color of 2-Slide Java Wardrobe will fashion your bedroom. Hanger Bar was made of 100% pine. Matc...


  • Evita Wardrobe

    This versatile wardrobe is well-suited for living rooms / entertainment areas, bedrooms and hallways, featuring sim...


  • Asti Wardrobe | Vanilla / Dark Elm

    This contemporary wardrobe offers a new concept of functional style and visual appeal for those who are looking for...

    $1740.45 $2320.60

    25% OFF
  • Barocco 4-Door Wardrobe in Ivory / Gold

    This Wardrobe features 4 doors in which 2 are mirrored. The top of the Wardrobe is characterized by patterned frame...


  • Leo Wardrobe | Grey

    Sleek and laconic furniture is made with use of the premium wood products according latest European requirements.


  • City Wardrobe | Wenge Oak / Walnut

    Featuring natural wood tone and impressive textures, this modern wardrobe will give your bedroom a new dimensional ...

    $2252.95 $3003.93

    25% OFF
  • Luxury 2 Door Wardrobe

    Lovely storage item may fit an ample of clothes, bedding and other belongings. Standing for durability, the wardrob...


  • Grand Wardrobe | Mahogany

    Fashionable storage item Grand Wardrobe with 4 Shelves, 1 Hanger Bar and 2 Drawers have plenty of storage space as...


  • Baikal Solid Sliding Doors Wardrobe | Beech

    Stylish two-door wardrobe, Baikal Solid Sliding Doors Wardrobe in Beech - Ace Decore features seven spacious shelve...

    $661.20 $734.67

    10% OFF
  • Carmen Wardrobe | White

    Made using premium wood materials this piece is richly accentuated with white high-gloss finish for visual attracti...


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  • Dalton TV Stand | Dark Grey

    Modern and functional, this TV stand comes polished stainless steel base and German oak veneer frame.

    $2983.01 $4261.44

    30% OFF
  • Langley TV Stand | Coffee Bean

    A blend of modern and rustic design elements makes this TV stand a perfect solution for any today's living spa...

    $1988.01 $2840.01

    30% OFF
  • Jakarta TV Stand | Espresso

    Mixing modernity with rustic style, this well designed TV stand features solid espresso wood frame and three panele...

    $1391.01 $1987.16

    30% OFF
  • Porto TV Stand | Distressed Brown

    Designed with a unique mix of modern and rustic styles, this TV stand features black steel base and solid walnut wo...

    $1291.51 $1845.01

    30% OFF